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Using Your Feminine Toolkit Online Course

Welcome to "Reach Your Highest Potential Using Your Feminine Toolkit," a groundbreaking 3-day online focus course crafted by Lilla Ronga, the founder of The Bright Academy. This transformative course is designed for women who are ready to explore the depths of their feminine power and pave the way to a life of fulfilment and success.

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About your Instructor: "The program is led by the founder of The Bright Academy, an Economist, International Holistic Coach with experience in Business Psychology and Holistic Healing. Her diverse experience as a world-traveller and multi-passionate entrepreneur ensures a coaching experience enriched with global insights and empathetic understanding. Her approach is dependence-proof, meaning there are no forever-going coaching sessions. She helps you find the support you need within yourself. In case you need further assistance you are welcome to book online coaching sessions with her." (Limited availability)


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3-Day Focus Course

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Embracing Your Feminine Strengths

  • Discover Unquantifiable Traits: Learn to recognize and value the unique feminine traits that boost confidence and self-awareness.
  • Core Values Identification: Dive deep into understanding your core values, grounding yourself in a strong sense of identity.



Deep Self-Discovery

  • The 7-Question Journey: Engage with thought-provoking questions and a special list to uncover hidden internal resources, strengths, weaknesses, and long-lost dreams.
  • Purpose and Clarity: By the end of the day, gain a clearer understanding of your purpose and how your roles in womanhood can elevate your life experience.



Creating Your Path Forward

  • Powerful Exercises for Mind and Soul: Participate in three transformative exercises designed to clear your mind, heighten your vibrations, and lay a strong foundation for your future.
  • Actionable Steps Forward: Craft a robust action plan with a proven planning system, setting the stage for tangible success.
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Exclusive Community and Resources

  • Open Community Access: Join an open community of like-minded individuals for ongoing support and connection.
  • One-Month Paid Community Membership: Get exclusive access to live Q&A sessions, masterminds, coaching, group chats, skill swaps, a book club, interviews, and much more.
  • Bonus Meditations: Receive four gift meditations focused on self-esteem, success, abundance, love, and health.
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This is for you if...

  • Individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

  • Anyone ready to discover and harness their hidden talents.

  • Those longing to build confidence and resilience.

  • Anyone eager to design a life aligned with their true potential.

This is not for you if...

  • You don't want to put effort into finding your light, strength and your own voice.
  • You're not ready to make changes in your life.
  • You aren't willing to put consistent work in.

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  • 3-Day Online Course: Focused on feminine strengths and self-awareness.
  • Uncover Feminine Traits: Learn to value your unique, empowering traits.
  • Core Value Identification: Ground yourself by discovering personal values.
  • Deep Self-Discovery: Engage in exercises for insight into strengths and aspirations.
  • Purpose and Clarity: Gain clear understanding of your personal and professional goals.
  • Practical Exercises: Tools for mental clarity and high vibrational states.
  • Actionable Plan Creation: Develop a concrete plan for achieving your dreams.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join a supportive network for ongoing growth.
  • One-Month Paid Membership Benefits: Access to live sessions, masterminds, and more. (Value: $99)
  • Complimentary Meditations: Enhance your journey with meditations on key life areas.
  • Optional Personal Coaching: Tailored one-on-one guidance for deeper exploration, get ahead in line as a valued member!
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