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Declutter your schedule, build smart systems and routines and learn to use tools like ChatGPT, marketing automation and management tools. Transform your life in 90 days! Annual community access with goal setting included.

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Courses Currently Available:

Discover our online courses designed to help you become more successful in your professional and personal life.



Period Syncing

Practice self-care and be more productive


Financial Planning for Women

Stability, security, independence


Rocket Launch Your Career

Guide to your superskills


Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

How To Build A Stable Self-Esteem

Reach Your Highest Potential

- Using Your Feminine Toolkit Online Course

A 3-day BootCamp crafted by Lilla Ronga, the founder of The Bright Academy. This transformative course is designed for women who are ready to explore the depths of their feminine power and pave the way to a life of fulfilment and success.

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Wish to Build Your Dream Life?


Building the life that serves the world and you. No need to sweat, no need to have anxiety attacks. What wishes to manifest through you is going to be beautiful. You are okay. 
We are here every step of the way. No pressure, no fear, just blooming.

Why not do it together? 
The power is in the community.
Looking forward to see you grow, build meaningful connections and thrive.

With all my faith in you,


Founder of The Bright Academy
Courses open

Community, Coaching and Courses... feel worthy and prepared to reach your highest potential. We believe that empowering women is crucial for creating a more equitable world, which is why we're committed to providing accessible solutions to the challenges that women face in their lives.

When you enroll in any of our professional courses, you'll gain access to course materials that you can revisit anytime, and join a community of supportive women, coaches and mentors.

 Mastermind groups: (Application only!)
6-figure - September 2024, save your seat!
7-figure - January 2025, save your seat!

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Career, Self-Worth, and Security

We cover topics that support women’s self-improvement, success, and security - all the things we weren’t taught at school.

Browse our courses available online and learn about leadership, self-esteem, confidence building, and more. With individualized guidance and interactive exercises, you'll have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself, set goals and take actionable steps towards a more fulfilled life. 

Join us if you're ready to:


Build Your Dream Life

Discover new business and career opportunities by exploring valuable resources.


Get to Know Yourself

Develop greater self-knowledge and insight with our personal development courses.


Improve Your Skills

Acquire new skills and competencies to boost your professional growth with our online courses.


Fell Supported and Guided

Pursue your goals and dreams with confidence and determination through our empowering courses.


Practice Self Love

Learn proven techniques and practices to cultivate self-love and self-care in your daily life.


Make Real Connections

Find true friendships and business partnerships in the community.

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Free Life Design Workshop

a transformative journey designed to guide you through a comprehensive exploration of your life. This free workshop, accompanied by an insightful workbook and engaging video content, offers a unique opportunity to assess various aspects of your life and develop a sustainable action plan tailored to quarterly achievements. 

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