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Discover our online courses designed to help you become more successful in your professional and personal life.
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-Weekly live Q&A
-Book Club
-Meditation and Exercise Challenges


Period Syncing

Menstrual Cycle Consciousness Course


Financial Planning for Women

Practical Online Course


Rocket Launch Your Career

Guide to your superskills


Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

How To Build A Stable Self-Esteem

Reach Your Highest Potential
Using Your Feminine Toolkit
Online Course

A 3-day online focus course crafted by Lilla Ronga, the founder of The Bright Academy. This transformative course is designed for women who are ready to explore the depths of their feminine power and pave the way to a life of fulfilment and success.

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Free Life Design Workshop

a transformative journey designed to guide you through a comprehensive exploration of your life. This free workshop, accompanied by an insightful workbook and engaging video content, offers a unique opportunity to assess various aspects of your life and develop a sustainable action plan tailored to quarterly achievements. 

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Our courses are designed to empower you to achieve your goals, increase your confidence, and develop healthier relationships with yourself. Whether you're looking to enhance your career prospects, improve your personal relationships, or simply develop a stronger sense of self, we have the perfect course for you.


Career Plan: Find Your Passion and Rocket Launch Your Carrier

A Step-By-Step Guide


The Principles of Intuitive Eating

Guide to a Healthy Relationship With Food


Yoga for Women

Online Yoga Course


Live According To Your Hormone Types

Find Freedom, Control, and Balance Over Your Hormones


Balance Your Relationships: Masculine and Feminine Energy in Harmony

Online Power Course for a Strong Relationship


Period Syncing

Menstrual Cycle Consciousness Course


Self-Love Affirmations for Women

Audioguide to Find Inner Peace


Unlocking Sexual Energy

A Guide To Live Your Full Sexual Potential Freely


Financial Planning fo Women

A Practical Online Course


Positive Affirmations for Women

Leadership and Confidence Meditation


What is Your Why?

FInd Your Purpose and Hidden Talent


Working Remotely

How To Build A Remote Dream Life


Empathy In Leadership

Lead With Compassion As a Woman


Find Your Authentic Self

Empowerment and Sel-Actualization


Resilience And Adaptability For Female Leaders

Online Course to Improve Adaptability Skills


How To Love Yourself

A Journey To Self-Esteem and Self-Love


How To Read People: The Power Of Body Language

Unlock The Secrets Of Nonverbal Communication

Short-term Courses to Empower Women

We believe that empowering women is crucial for creating a more equitable world, which is why we're committed to providing accessible solutions to the challenges that women face in their lives.

When you enroll in any of our professional courses, you'll gain access to course materials that you can revisit anytime, ensuring that you're able to apply your new skills and knowledge whenever you need them.

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Become the Best Version of Yourself

Whether your goal is to improve your life, become more successful in your career, or develop healthier relationships with yourself, we have the best online courses for you.

We're dedicated to offering the most up-to-date resources and knowledge to help you level up in life. With comprehensive guidance from industry professionals, female entrepreneurs and mindful coaches, you'll acquire the skills to develop life-long habits that will help you succeed in any situation.

Learn how to stay focused, maintain a positive outlook, regulate your emotions and find balance in the chaos of life. 

Courses open

Career, Self-Worth, and Security

We cover topics that support women’s self-improvement, success, and security - all the things we weren’t taught at school.

Browse our courses available online and learn about leadership, self-esteem, confidence building, and more. With individualized guidance and interactive exercises, you'll have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself, set goals and take actionable steps towards a more fulfilled life. 

Join us if you're ready to:

Find Your Dream Job

Discover new business and career opportunities by exploring valuable resources.

Get to Know Yourself

Develop greater self-knowledge and insight with our personal development courses.

Improve Your Skills

Acquire new skills and competencies to boost your professional growth with our online courses.

Build a Successful Life

Pursue your goals and dreams with confidence and determination through our empowering courses.

Practice Self Love

Learn proven techniques and practices to cultivate self-love and self-care in your daily life.

Work-Life Balance

Achieve fulfillment in your professional and personal life with our courses on creating work-life balance.

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