Female Empowerment Through Online Education 

How would your life be had school taught you:

Financial planning, a better understanding of your menstrual cycle, intuitive eating and positive body image, self-worth and self-confidence, managing anxiety, discovering your hidden talents, and how to build a sustainable business?

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We Believe In You...

...and we're here to help foster your own self-belief.
Through our online education platform paired with high-quality mentoring services, we strive to empower women to build a strong foundation they can thrive on. 

Our goal is to create the 
#1 educational platform designed for women.

Our mission is to empower one million women across the globe through education and community, reminding them of their innate potential.


Our Featured Course

Period Syncing

Menstrual Cycle Consciousness Course

Learn how to live in harmony with your cycles, cultivate better health, increase productivity, and develop a more intimate relationship with yourself. In this ultimate guide, you will gain the tools you need to start tracking and understanding your cycle as well as connecting to your body, soul, and inner power.

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3 Signs You Are Ready 


You Realize There Is No One Else Like You

We believe we were born on this planet to allow our true selves to surface. To become who we know we can be if we strip away all the fear. It is easier together, it is easier with some guidance and inspiration. Let's bring your light to the surface!


You Are Open To The Idea That All Change Starts Within

Taking responsibility for everything in our lives, whether we created it or not...is not the easiest thing to do. But on the other side comes endless power and freedom. You are unstoppable!


You Are Willing To Take A Step Towards Yourself

The world is full of noise. Let's face it…everyone is throwing content, courses and ebooks at you. But what good is all this knowledge without turning it into action? We focus on easily adaptable changes that you can start improving your life with today.

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A Little About Us

I'm Lilla

Founder of
The Bright Academy

Education has always been close to my heart, and improving the opportunities people have is my mission. I am passionate about providing enjoyable learning experiences, focusing on topics we were not taught in school, yet that are very much needed in order to live a successful and fulfilling life. I want to let as many women know as possible: you are a one-of-a-kind miracle!

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the team

My family has been working in the education industry for over 22 years. Starting from a small town in south of Hungary,

The Bright Academy launched in 2019 in Hungary. Our mission is now to expand our presence into the US, reaching one million women across the globe. Our goals are to: 

1) Provide knowledge across a wide range of topics, guidance, and support to help our community thrive and to balance the gender ratio in leading positions; and

2) Connect fantastic tutors, coaches, and mentors to those who will benefit from our experiences

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Next up
Self-empowerment Affirmations

by Stephania

Listening to positive affirmations can have numerous benefits for our mental and emotional well-being. These powerful statements of self-empowerment and positivity can help shift our mindset, boost self-confidence, and cultivate a more optimistic outlook on life. By regularly exposing ourselves to positive affirmations, we can rewire our subconscious mind, replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones.

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Become the Best Version of Yourself

Use the most up-to-date resources and knowledge to level up in life. With comprehensive guidance from industry professionals, female entrepreneurs and mentors, you'll acquire the skills to develop life-long habits that will help you succeed in any situation.

Online Courses

check out our

Courses Coming Soon


Intuitive Eating for Women

Diet culture has done so much damage to so many of us. Anxiety over food and body hatred should not be this common.

Let's find the way back to our inner wisdom. The 10 principles of Intuitive Eating guide you on the journey of a healthy, happy and fulfilling way of connecting with food. Eating with joy, nurturing your body with simple, nutritious meals, and letting go of all the stress about it is truly liberating!
Coming soon!


Financial Planning Course

This essential online course on financial planning is designed to help you achieve financial independence and security in a tangible way. Sometimes it’s so daunting to even know where to start. You will learn how to make effective financial decisions, plan for the future, and gain the confidence to take control of your financial well-being. This course comes with one-on-one or group consultation from our amazing tutor. 

Limited availability!
Coming soon!


How To Work Remotely

Introducing a specially designed course aimed at empowering women and stay-at-home mothers to work remotely. This course recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in balancing their family responsibilities while seeking professional fulfilment. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will gain valuable skills and knowledge necessary for remote work success.


"They transformed my life..."

All my life I struggled with irregular cycles and intense menstrual pain. Since implementing the strategies taught in the course, my cycles have become more predictable, my pain has significantly decreased, and I feel more emotionally balanced throughout the month. The course provided me with invaluable knowledge about my body and how to synchronize my lifestyle with my menstrual cycle. Thank you so much for leading me on this journey!

Emma Page, Los Angeles

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Female Empowerment Through Online Education

Our mission is to help women build a strong foundation and feel supported so they can build their dreams and thrive.



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