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How would your life be if school had taught you: How to discover your hidden talents, feel worthy of your dreams, and stand in your power while elevating others? How to accept and love yourself or how to ask for help. How set and achieve your goals, plan your finances and build a sustainable, profitable and remote career? We got you.

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How to Love Yourself:
A Journey to Self-Esteem And Self-Love

Do you often find yourself questioning your worth, feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, or struggling to set healthy boundaries in life?

Have you ever felt lost in the chaos of everyday responsibilities, losing touch with who you truly are?

Practical knowledge you can apply in your everyday life today!

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Reach Your Highest Potential Using Your Feminine Toolkit

Welcome to "Reach Your Highest Potential Using Your Feminine Toolkit," a groundbreaking 3-day online focus course crafted by Lilla Ronga, the founder of The Bright Academy. This transformative course is designed for women who are ready to explore the depths of their feminine power and pave the way to a life of fulfilment and success.  

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Financial Planning Course For Security and Independence

by Laura Mcrae. Designed to help you achieve financial independence and security in a tangible way. Sometimes it’s so daunting to even know where to start. You will learn how to make effective financial decisions, plan for the future, and gain the confidence to take control of your financial well-being. This course comes with one-on-one or group consultation from our amazing tutor. 

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Discover Your Superskills and Rocket Launch Your Career

by Beate Chelette

Unlock your potential with our dynamic online course, designed to guide you through the essentials of personal and professional growth. From setting and achieving ambitious goals to understanding the unique super skills that set you apart, this course offers a deep dive into your innate personality preferences and how they shape your success. Elevate your career with practical sessions on leadership, workplace dynamics, and strategic communication, all while learning to pitch your ideas and implement actionable strategies for real-world impact.

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Our Featured Course

Period Syncing- Menstrual Cycle Consciousness Course

Dr Tekla's course is tailor-made for women seeking to reconnect with their bodies, cultivate self-awareness, and tap into the untapped power of their menstrual cycle.

Learn how to live in harmony with your cycles, cultivate better health, increase productivity, and develop a more intimate relationship with yourself

Community access is included for all live sessions!

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Supporting women to feel worthy of their dreams by...

  • Discovering and acknowledging the values of our feminine traits, that might not be recognised by today's society. 
  • Identifying what areas of life we need to give some extra attention to in order to have a strong foundation and grow.
  • Offering the knowledge, an online community with live events, and trusted, verified mentors and coaches to help unleash your light.

Our goal is to gather one million positive reviews across the globe, reminding women who they are.


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The Bright Women



We believe we were born on this planet to allow our true selves to surface.Let's finding your unique talents and your true passions to unleash the light within you. Find out who you really are and how bright can your light shine. #why #purpose



On a single platform, you can find the resources to work on your skillset and mindset to elevate every aspect of your life. Here you can gain not only the hard skills and career-related competencies but also the knowledge to have a truly happy and balanced life. 
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The goal is that you don't need anything or anybody external to you. Asking for help and accepting support can save you time and lots of energy, learning to collaborate and exist in synergy can elevate us all. Listing verified mentors and offering a community of like-minded women can take you from doing well to crushing it.
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After every course purchased,we plant a tree with the help of Eden Reforestation.

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Let's go through all aspects of your life to see what needs some extra attention. This free workbook includes an action plan as well as a great exercise to help you build resilience. In case you need some guidance, there is a free video walking you through.

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Female Empowerment Through Online Education

Our mission is to help women build a strong foundation and feel supported so they can build their dreams and thrive.


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