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  • Application opportunity to the 6-figure and 7-figure masterminds (application only!)


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  • Learning essential knowledge traditional schooling might have overlooked to lead a successful life.
  • Sharing the struggle
    celebrating successes and with like-minded, ambitious, intelligent, self-aware women.
  • Working¬†smart and having time to enjoy life, take care of ourselves and our loved ones.
  • Having our finances in order and under control.
  • Having a clear path, guidance, mentors and coaches to support you live in the community

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Period Syncing For Productivity

Menstrual cycle consciousness for self love and effective monthly planning


 Financial Planning Course

Security and independence for Woman


Use Your Feminine Toolkit

Reach your highest potential


Self-Love and

How to build confidence, set boundaries and say no

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Building the life that serves the world and you. No need to sweat, no need to have anxiety attacks. What wishes to manifest through you is going to be beautiful. You are okay. 
We are here every step of the way. No pressure, no fear, just blooming.

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  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded women (Value:¬†$5000)
  • Exclusive materials¬†(Value:¬†$500)
  • Live meetup invitation- Budapest¬†(Value:¬†$500)
  • Application opportunity to the 6-figure and¬†7-figure masterminds¬†(Value:¬†$5000)
  • Application opportunity for one-on-one coaching with Lilla, the founder
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