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3 Reasons to Work With Us



An Opportunity to Work Together for a Higher Purpose


The mentors and tutors joining this mission and truly wonderful people. We get to build something together that would be worth so much less if we worked apart. We find this beautiful.


All the Processes Are Taken Care of For You


From the course content, website and team management, through the marketing, customer service, market research, paid ads, strategy, legal support, accounting... everything is taken care for you. You just have to record your course and optionally teach through social media and our platform.


Low Risk, High Potential


Have a course created? Great! We don't ask for exclusivity!

Feel free to teach anywhere else and spread your light as many ways as possible.
Simply by creating a video course, you can test the cooperation, no other investment is required, there are no monthly fees. By being the first at your field on this platform, you get the chance to lead your field as the project grows.

There's No Time
Like the Present

A Little About Us




Education has always been close to my heart, and improving the opportunities people have is my mission. I am passionate about providing enjoyable learning experiences, focusing on topics we were not taught in school, yet that are very much needed in order to live a successful and fulfilling life. I want to let as many women know as possible: you are a one-of-a-kind miracle!

the team



My family has been working in the education industry for over 22 years. Starting from a small town in south of Hungary.

The Bright Academy launched in 2019. Our mission now is to reach even more people, one million women across the globe. Our goals are to: 

1) Provide knowledge across a wide range of topics, guidance, and support to help our community thrive and to balance the gender ratio in leading positions; and

2) Connect fantastic tutors, coaches, and mentors to those who will benefit from our experiences.


The selection process

This is for you if...

  • you are in love with your chosen field of experties and have a solid experience

  • you love to teach and guide with compassion 

  • part of your knowledge sharing could be automated but you are not sure how to manage it or have little free time to do so

  • you are familiar with the tools required to create a quality online course or happy to learn about them

  • you are excited and ready to be the leader of your topics on this platform

This is not for you if...

  • your profession is just a job for you, you are not too excited about it

  • you find yourself missing deadlines and not sure if you really want to help people

  • you don't absolutely love teaching

  • you don't know how to record content or unwilling to learn to provide high quality


After your application, we review your experience and topics. If our market research has data proving the topic is in demand, we set up a call with a team member.

In case the sympathy is mutual, we ask for:

💡 a table of contents of the topic we chose together

💡 a draft for the landing page content for us to SEO optimize and rewrite by a copywriter


💡 a photo and short introduction text and video of you and your course
💡 in case you only wish to mentor, then only the previous point
💡 we sign the contracts and upload your course material to the site

More Information

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“Grateful to be a part of this."

The team has been really caring and I felt so much positive energy coming from them. Grateful the be here when this all starts.

Dr Tekla Diriczi

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Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the lives of women worldwide? As an online course creator or mentor, you'll have the opportunity to share your expertise and empower women to reach their full potential.
Whether you have specialized knowledge, professional experience, or life lessons to offer, we welcome you to apply and contribute to our mission of providing valuable education to eager minds. Join us today and become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of women around the globe.

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