About The Bright Academy

...and Where it All Began


The dream of a family
from a small town in Hungary

My parents had about 2 months worth of savings left.

No education, no parental support, no funding.

Three little kids and about the tenth time they launched a business they had hopes for and put hard work into. This one lived.

22 years later all three of their children along with many more amazing team members are working around the country providing valuable education to all who wish to follow their dreams.


The Bright Academy was  Founded in Hungary


Upon completing my schooling, I grappled with low self-esteem, feeling that over 12 years I had mostly acquired knowledge that lacked practical relevance. Uncertain about my strengths and how to optimize my potential, I felt confused and upset. Determined to address this, I founded thebrightacademy.hu, aiming to revolutionize the learning experience.

The platform emphasizes subjects that were scarcely available in my native language, allows people to work remotely and features tutors who are genuinely enthusiastic about their fields.

At the core of The Bright Academy's philosophy is the belief that everyone possesses unique talents and capabilities. My mission is to assist as many individuals as possible in uncovering these gifts, shedding any facets that do not align with their authentic and highest selves, and in doing so, contribute positively to society and each other. This approach, I believe, fosters a sense of wholeness and reinforces the feeling of being sufficient as we are.


Launching in English for a Global Reach


After a really difficult time of my life I've decided to get on a plane and just go wherever my heart told me to. I was in complete flow.

The idea of building this platform in English allowing significantly more people to connect to this mission arrived on a ride of a tiny that I took alone. (There was a pilot.)

I am grateful that I followed my heart so much. When I felt like going, I went. I did not wait for anyone or anything to save me.
I am grateful for each my trips and what they have taught me. 



Sharing knowledge, connecting people and offering my infinite faith in you...

.. is all I want to do. According to some Asian theories every country and nation has their "function" in the world. Hungarians are to be "the bridge" between the East and the West and to heal. I deeply resonate with this so I've decided to serve the world by helping the two sides (and all countries and nations) to learn from each other and create better synergy. This project allows me to connect and unite the power and experience of some truly inspiring people, who also dared to follow their passions. Building a business as extremely difficult, but one day I want to be able to say, "If I could do it, you can do it." to young women doubting themselves. Maybe from Miami, maybe from a tiny village of a tiny country. I hope the knowledge, the mentoring and the community is going to better lives and therefore contribute to the healing of this world.

With infinite love and faith in you,


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Female Empowerment Through Online Education

Our mission is to help women build a strong foundation and feel supported so they can build their dreams and thrive.