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Half Your Work Time and Avoid Burnout

with smart systems and tools tailored to your needs.

Achieve financial, time, and location independence in your life, free from the typical overwhelm and isolation of entrepreneurship.

Join our community of established female digital entrepreneurs and enjoy the creation of your dream life.

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 If you take any of the recommended steps you will feel a massive difference in the amount of time you spend working on tasks you dislike or doing anything you don't love.
These methods are easy to personalize and will give you the results in just a few weeks.

  • You have access to the program and the community for an entire year so you may take your time, no pressure.
  • You can join a cycle-conscious goal-setting session every month to help you stay on track and focused.
  • There is a monthly private Mastermind group session where you get to meet and brainstorm with your peers.
  • Ask questions and ask for direct feedback in the community chat at any time.
There's No Time
Like the Present


Step-by-step program

guiding you through actionable steps that you can implement in your life right away creating real results.

A new module with the relevant exercises are going to be released to you every two weeks, making this a comfortable, but effective 90-day journey.

Step One

Mapping Out Your Life

We are going to dive deep into your current situation, exploring what needs to change and what areas need some extra attention.

  • assessing your schedule
  • mapping out your work-related tasks
  • decluttering
  • setting "the goal"
Step Two


Once we've made space, we are going to tailor this journey to you by diving into self-discovery. These carefully selected exercises help you identify the following:

  • your strengths and passions
  • find them or create them in your life
  • learn about goal-setting and set the best one that can serve you the most
Step Three

Building Your Routines

Good systems specifically designed for your life and needs are crucial in developing a life free of overwhelm.

  • discover what charges you
  • self-care routines, that can be implemented in your unique situation
  • developing your work routines that save you mental energy and time


Step Four

Tools To Save You Time

Not using ChatGPT yet? Don't have marketing tasks automated? Girl!
No worries I love explaining things in a practical, easily digestable way so you will learn these in no time.

  • ChatGPT - to support both your professional and private life
  • Marketing automation - the basics
  • Management tools - for work and everyday life
  • Content creation flow - to save both time and energy
Step Five

"Good Money"

You may have heard about the concept of good money and bad money. Do you have it fully established in your life or business?

  • create your smart money offer and make money while you sleep
  • step-by-step guide on how to transform your specific skills, experiences or existing services into a "good money machine"
  • Money mindset training to boost your revenue with the most simple steps ever...
Step Six


Sounds so simple right? Are we doing it though? Is is ever good enough if we delegate it?
Silence the perfectionist part of your mind and learn how to delegate effectively from today.

  • Which tasks to delegate
  • How to find the right people
  • How to motivate them long-term 
Step Seven

Your Support System

This module will help you utilize and structure the resources you have around you to support you the way you need them to.

  • Learn to set boundaries and say no
  • Assess your circle
  • Learn to ask for what you need and give yourself what you can
  • Resilience 101
  • Join the community for monthly goal-setting
  • Ask for feedback, and support, share your wins and connect with like-minded women in the community

Results over fluff.

Take any of these steps and you will see a massive difference in your life. 


If you did every step and still weren't able to decrease your work hours, I will work with you until you do. 

I Am Ready

Is this really for you?

This is for you if...

  • you are ready to value rest time, taking care of yourself and wish to recharge effectively

  • would like to rediscover your passions and give them more of your time

  • would like to avoid overwhelm and burnout or come out of these situations developing smart systems in your life

  • ready to make a change

This is not for you if...

  • You don't want to change anything about your life.
  • You are still waiting for somebody to save you. (Pssst... that somebody is You)
  • You are not excited to meet, connect and support others along the way.

what are you waiting for?

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Annual support + course content



  • 90-Day Transformation Course (Value: $5000) 
  • 12x Mastermind sessions
  • 12x Goal-Setting Sessions: Tips for an effective and sustainable monthly plan (Value: $999) 
  • Annual Community Access: Meet like-minded women, ask questions and join the live sessions. (Value: $999) 
  • Action-Oriented Learning: Supported by templates and easy-to-use materials
  • Meet Your Peers: Meet like-minded women from all over the world.
  • Bi-Weekly Module Release: to keep you focused but not overwhelmed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Founding member discount

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